TELOS international, inc.

encouraging - empowering - equipping

TELOS International, inc. focuses on mental health and relational well-being from a Christian perspective. Recognizing the wholeness of Truth, TELOS seeks to wed the best training in mental health with a faithful Christian worldview. While TELOS provides services within its home country of the United States, a significant portion of its efforts and ministries are provided internationally. 

TELOS is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation - all contributions to its ministry are tax-deductible. 

TELOS Mission Statement

TELOS international, inc. provides culturally-sensitive, holistic mental health services dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and equipping underserved people and communities by offering training, counseling, and related mental health resources.

TELOS international seeks to cooperate with The Spirit in the privilege and adventure of presenting every person mature and complete in Christ. TELOS works to assist individuals, couples, families, groups, churches, and organizations to be Christ-like and to achieve their God-intended goals and purposes.

History of TELOS

While on a 1986 tour of Israel, Dr. Rand Michael, Co-Founder of TELOS, became aware of the great need missionaries and nationals have for being encouraged, empowered, and equipped, both spiritually and psychologically.

In many global settings there is a dearth of quality psychosocial resources, especially from a Christian perspective.

Even in the United States, while these resources are more readily available, they are often financially out of reach for many. TELOS has recognized these needs and responded wherever there is an open door and available resources.

We partner with churches, parachurch ministries, community organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to provide direct counseling and educational services and to train others in care giving skills."

In 1987, TELOS began as a “good idea” in the hearts of Co-Founders Rand and Phyllis Michael. But because of their years of visionary leadership, TELOS has become much more than a "good idea." TELOS is now many people--supporters like you, clinical associates, and partners around the world. What is more, TELOS has become mature and experienced, developing a track record of proven know-how, ministering in a wide variety of world areas with tremendous effectiveness.

excerpts from TELOS Report Volume 1, Issue 1, 2003 (see connect with TELOS to read more TELOS Reports)