TELOS international, inc. provides culturally-sensitive, holistic mental health services dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and equipping underserved people and communities by offering training, counseling, and related mental health resources.

TELOS (Greek): "to achieve one's ultimate aim, purpose, or goal in life.... to be complete, mature, and whole."




Welcome to TELOS International


TELOS Board Members and Ministries Teams meet in October for reports on activities. From left to right: Rand Michael (TELOS President), Ardiana Halili (Albania Team), Mike Butler (Board Member), Phyllis Michael (TELOS Vice President), Diane Moore (Albania Team), Sharon and Ron Hicks (India Team), Judy Tuttle-Zollner (Board Member), Steve Stewart (Albania Team), Alma Gugushi (Albania Team), Janet Taylor (Board Member).

TELOS international, inc. focuses on mental health and relational well-being from a Christian perspective. Recognizing the wholeness of Truth, TELOS seeks to wed the best training in mental health with a faithful Christian worldview. While TELOS provides services within its home country of the United States, a significant portion of its efforts and ministries are provided internationally.

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