TELOS (Greek): "to achieve one's ultimate aim, purpose, or goal in life...to be complete, mature, and whole."

The name TELOS comes from the Greek New Testament. It is a simple, yet powerful word, rich in nuance. Depending upon context, it an be translated:

  • Purpose
  • Goal
  • Maturity
  • Achievement
  • Fulfillment
  • Completion

Paul uses a form of the word telos when he declares it is his aim to present every person mature, complete in Christ (Colossians 1:28).

Grounded in the Christian faith and its Scriptures along with being informed by the study of persons and relationships, it is the philosophy of TELOS:

  • To value persons served as equals and partners
  • To be open, teachable service providers
  • To partner with people over time
  • To equip others and to train trainers so that ministry multiplies and is not dependent on TELOS
  • To trust God to supply, lead, guide, and provide

Who we are

TELOS associates and team members are faithful disciples of Christ who are also mental health professionals. Although associates and team members work from a variety of approaches within the mental health professions, TELOS seeks to foster a perspective that is spiritually rooted and which understands relationship systems in which persons are nurtured, reared, trained, live, work, and serve.

TELOS' financial philosophy for international services:

TELOS believes that recipients of service need and want to invest in what they receive and that allowing them to invest provides a sense of ownership and dignity. TELOS recognizes that each situation varies. Therefore, as part of the planning of each ministry, among the things discussed and negotiated are the financial arrangements. Hosts provide what they can; TELOS associates/team members pay what they can; people who are concerned about this kind of ministry contribute what they can. Thus, among all these Kingdom investors, the financial costs of the work are underwritten. 

In our June 2018 Board Meeting, the Board voted unanimously to support immigrants and to oppose any policies that would separate parents and children.  They direct your attention to the following article by Jim Wallis:   https://sojo.net/articles/reclaiming-jesus-trump-evangelicals.