Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling/Therapy

TELOS offers individual, couple, and family counseling/therapy in international settings, as well as locally in the States. This counseling is stengths-based, family systems oriented, and empowering to those who are served. 

Education/Training in Living, Relating, Leading, and Counseling

     “Through this training program, I have learned how to do effective counseling with individuals, couples and families." 

"The training is well-organized and the teachers are excellent. The serious attitude of our professors and supervisor makes this program very fruitful and productive." 

"The core map we have learned—The Metaframework—is a really powerful tool for me to work with clients.”


       “As a result of this training, I have improved in my own marriage and family plus I have increased skills and confidence so people are receiving more effective help from my counseling.”


       “I am very grateful to equip myself to serve better.”

Life and Leadership Coaching and Consultation

Member Care

Speaking, Workshops, and Retreats

Reentry and Trauma Debriefing